Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad was an active protest against slavery in United States. It was a secret operation that began during the colonial period, later became part of organized abolitionist activity in the 19th century, and reached its peak in the period 1830 - 1865. The story of the Underground Railroad is one of individual sacrifice and heroism in the efforts of enslaved people to reach freedom from slavery.

Every one took great chances to walk the Underground Railroad paths as well as to provide shelter and safety to slaves using the Underground Railroad to escape to freedom. It was illegal to help runaway slaves. But many people believed that NO ONE should ever be a slave. They believed so strongly, that they risked being arrested and losing their homes.

The people who broke the law to be part of the Underground Railroad believed the law was wrong. It was so wrong, and so hurtful to slaves, that even though they loved their country and were good citizens - they couldn't ignore this great cruelty called slavery.

The Underground Railroad is every route the slaves took, or tried to take, to freedom. It is a vast network of paths and roads, houses, stores and barns. It goes through swamps and over mountains, along and across rivers and even by sea.

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